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This page is the story of the horse, Mazzy, that I am working with.

Mazzy: The Beginning 4/12/14
 I take lessons at a barn that I will not say the name of, but that is very good. My trainer recently asked me to work with a horse Mazzy. She is a Thoroughbred who before was adopted by my trainer was abused. She is very skittish, and doesn't like new people. there were two people who rode her before me, but one left. My trainer was looking for someone to ride her, and so put me on her.

I greatly enjoyed riding her, and will therefore be working with her from now on. She has a grey coat, and lots of energy. If I work with her through this season of eventing then I will probably be able to show her next season. She has an immense amount of energy, and I can't wait to jump her. I will be working her this evening for the second time. I hope to canter and discover what that is like on her.

Mazzy: The Sequel 4/15/14
Last night I rode Mazzy for the second time. It was amazing!!! She was way more relaxed this time. Well, relaxed May not be the right term. Being a  Thoroughbred, it's all get up and go with her. I did canter at the end, which might have been the most fun thing I have ever done. 

Next week is vacation, so I asked my trainer if I could come over at some point and just brush Mazzy. My trainer said that if I work in the morning, I can ride for as long as I want. 

Mazzy already trusts me more, thanks to a handy thing called candy canes. :)

I'll post a picture later.

Mazzy 4/21/14
I went to the barn at 8 this morning, and got back to my house around 7:30. I went early to work in the morning in exchange for being able to ride Mazzy. During my lesson, I got to canter her for the first time. SHE IS AMAZING!!! I also loved when I got to jump her. I didn't jump all that high at first, but by the end I was jumping 2' 3''.

Mazzy 4/23/14
I walked Mazzy down to the pond which was an adventure, seeing as another horse came galloping up the trail towards us. Luckily, no one was hurt, and Mazzy was fine.

Mazzy 4/25/14